Our Team

James RichardJames Richard – Chief Editor

James has an industrial background. He has a rich experience in covering business and science-related news, thanks to his love for finance and interest in space exploration. At the MRB News, James is the go-to guy whenever we decided to cover business and science sections. In his spare time, he likes to attends conferences and forums on space exploration and shares his experience and views with people.

Jessica Wilson

Jessica Wilson – Sr. Editor

Jessica is a shy girl in the team, she likes to interact with herself quite often but shares knowledge and wisdom with other teammates whenever necessary. Her domain is technology and covers the same from last five years. she is a gadget freak and loves to experiment and try new things. she is a person who loves to provide a solution to problems be it professional or advice on personal life. Most of the time you’ll find this person deepen into her laptop with big fat glasses, browsing one or the other things.

Maria Adams

Maria Adams – Sr. Editor

Maria has six years of experience in healthcare journalism. She has been dedicatedly working in the healthcare industry. Her speciality lies in analysing in-depth information and comprehensive articles related to medical devices, connected devices, all pertaining to healthcare IT and biotechnological studies. The MRB News owes a lot to Bruce as she takes great efforts to reach the roots of a news to verify its authenticity. At her spare time, she likes to work with an NGO .she is associated with and feels great comfort and joy sharing her knowledge and experience.