Privacy Policy

At, our main aim to provide complete privacy for our viewers. The policy holds different kind of records and information that has been gathered by, and mostly how we tackle the same, has been disclosed in our policy.

Log record: tracks the record of the visitors while browsing the website. They follow certain protocol to maintain the standard. While the data collated here basically includes Internet service providers (ISP), IP address, exit pages and click points that are counted. Moreover, this data is not connected to any other information that can be personally identified by any means. The main reason behind this tact’s is to examine the upcoming trends, and managing the site.

Personal identification information:

Data collated here are pertaining to end number of ways, without any restrictions or liable towards any criteria’s. We mean to say viewers visiting our website, filling up the forms or any other activities, provisions, various characteristic and applications are made available on our website. Our visitors are allowed to view our site secretly. The information gathered here about our Users totally depends upon the Users whether to share with us or not, no hard and fast rules applied here. To prevent from any misuse activities, Users need to share some of the personal identification information in case required and their convenience.

Non-personal identification information:

We also collect non-personal identification information related to our Users while they involve any interaction regarding our site. This may include information such as system type, browser name and other technical related points that needs to be covered up in this section.


Our sites include cookies to bring better improvisation while browsing our web page. Cookies are being placed in the hard drive to maintain the record and track information as and when required for browsing purpose. It depends on the Users whether to opt for this cookies option, but still have to keep a note that this might lead to site issues, that may not function as required.

Utilization of data:

The Users personal identification information provided must be accurate to as we can use the data to run and operate our website

Secureness about the information shared by User’s:

We follow a particular task that prevents the information collected, data stored, and the processing structure and safety techniques to safeguard against malfunctioning, easy access by other means, any changes, exposure or disrupt any of the Users personal information such as password, Username, information saved and daily activities performed on the site.

Disclosing Users personal information:

There are certain ethics to be followed while sharing the information to any other party. Our website doesn’t share, sell or rent any of the personal identification information related to our Users. We believe in sharing only general information with the business partners which may not link to our Users personal data.

Alterations toward the privacy policy:

Our website holds the right to make any changes related to the privacy policy at any point of time. Provided we make it a point to send a notification on our main page. Here, we push our Users to keep an eagle-eye on the daily updates on our website, to get an about our privacy policies and safety methods implied here to protect Users personal data. Overall it is up to the Users to remain updated or alert about the alteration done occasionally.

Agreement towards the terms and policy of our website:

By acknowledging this site, Users assure towards the terms and policies of our websites. In case Users do not agree towards the policies, we request them not to access the website beyond the limit to avoid any inconvenience. Users using the site despite of not agreeing to the policies will be considered as an acceptance towards the terms and policies of the website.

How to contact us?

In case if you any query besides this privacy policy, you can contact us at