The United States is considering a new blockade of Huawei

The United States is considering a new blockade of Huawei


Further restrictions on Huawei’s sales of stars-and-stripes technology. According to Reuters, the US government is looking into blocking export licenses for the tech giant. This comes after Washington has been accused of having close ties to leaders of the People’s Republic of China.

The head of the US Department of Commerce’s Industry office, Alan Estevez, is currently working with his staff to analyze all Beijing policies and determine possible measures to limit technology exports to Chinese companies. According to the Financial Times, a tightening would have also arrived: Some companies would have received a notification containing instructions not to export American technology to Huawei.

For years, the Chinese giant has been subjected to restrictions on American companies sales. Donald Trump was the one who decided that US companies must have special authorization to continue relations with China.

China is concerned about the new restrictions. Mao Ning, the spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry, stated that the suspension of licenses would be against “all the principles and the market economy and international trade rules.” She also said that it would undermine “the trust of the international community in the US business climate” and represent “pure technological dominance.” Mao Ning continued, “China strongly opposes US generalizations of the concept of national security, the abuses of state power, and the unreasonable suppression of Chinese companies.”

Joe Biden’s administration and its allies are making an effort to make the Chinese government feel disappointed. They are trying to block the country’s technological production activities and deprive it of basic machinery made in the West for microchips.

After months of negotiations, Japan and the Netherlands have agreed to support the cause of America and will make their companies stop selling technology to Chinese companies.