Xiaomi will introduce cars on sale

Xiaomi will introduce cars on sale


There was already talk about Xiaomi’s venture into the auto sector and introduce car. Xiaomi is a Chinese tech giant known for its low-cost smartphones. However, it also offers a wide range of other products that are related to mobility, such as skateboards with electric motors.

Xiaomi has been working on the product slowly, and it’s now all set to hit the market since images of the model have been leaked. Xiaomi has christened this model as MS11, and we know it is an entirely electric vehicle with autopilot options.

The style is modern, and some of the features are reminiscent of the elements used in the past by McLaren with its sports cars; however, in this case, in an automobile. Beyond that, the result is an elegant, vibrant, and contemporary look.

Certain aspects are that the vehicle will feature typical rear-view mirrors that are physically visible and will not utilize cameras to project images inside. It will feature a set that includes cameras, radars, and sensors that can achieve the highest level of autonomous driving and assistance with driving; Xiaomi will endeavor to showcase its technological capabilities and distinguish its products.

It still needs to be clarified which type of motor will power this Xiaomi MS11; several rumors claim that it will be able to develop 300 CV and be equipped with an 800-volt system that will enable fast charging and enough battery to provide adequate autonomy.

The vehicle will be built in China, and China will likely be the first to get it. The plans are ambitious, and the projected global market is because the brand intends to sell at least 1 million electric cars annually. The date of its debut to the market is 2024; however with the details of its design revealed, there is a chance that we’ll hear about it sooner than later.